I haven seen one high tier lucio main who wants these changes

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I play Baguette in DM only to practice her 1 shot combo, not because linked site canada goose outlet https://www.topcanadagoose.ca I want to get to cheap Canada Goose first place with her. ugg zalando I won play moira in DM though since there nothing to practice with her. timberland pas cher

Well lucio needed help, and although it certainly sucks that they just made lucio wayy easier while nerfing the mobility of really great lucios, I think it’s still a net buff to lucio which is nice. Now you don’t have to worry so much about spamming jump canada goose clearance binds at the right time in the middle canada goose uk outlet of team fights and it just gives him more to do with the non ammo stealing sound wave 1 point submitted 1 day ago

I use it for crouch spamming, to make the head hitbox harder canada goose to hit. If you using pinky for shift, which you should be hitting every second or two, Canada Goose Parka you can crouch spam to make it harder to hit the head hitbox.

By keeping my pinky on CTRL and thumb on spacebar, I can strafe, crouch, and swap as fast as canada goose uk black friday possible, which is what you supposed to do with lucio. moncler paris By keeping jump on right click I can easily wallride and get a lot of canada goose factory sale value from it. puma sneakers

From what I know, Canada Goose online my keybinds are canada goose black friday sale what top tier lucio players are using. At least it what one of them does. custodia antipolvere iphone 7 plus I might even have spacebar as hold canada goose coats on sale to swap, so it automatically reverts to healing if I get stunned/knocked down, etc. Canada Goose Online 3 points submitted 1 day ago

I have at best 20 30 hours on moira since her release, and I consider myself pretty damn good with her, my average uk canada goose outlet healing is 13k/10 minutes. joyguard custodia iphone 6

There are Moira one tricks with 40 hours THIS SEASON who buy canada goose jacket cheap have less than 8.5k/10 minutes healing on her. custodia iphone 8 card It can take people A LOT of time to play a simple hero correctly.

And now with Lucio, they want to make him super easy so a bunch of awful lucio players Canada Goose Coats On Sale can come in and not learn anything about him, because they lower the canada goose store skill floor so much that you have players just holding spacebar to wallride the entire game, instead of being active like other lucio players. 1 point submitted 1 day ago

Some of this cheap canada goose uk is just really dumb. Though the only change I like is continuous wall rides around corners (even then, just holding down rightclick will be very boring). custodia gucci iphone 8 No ammo boop is a good Canada Goose Outlet change, and jumping onto the same wall is a decent change. Everything else is just fucking awful as is. custodia iphone 7 plus libro I haven seen one high tier lucio main who wants these changes. I don want these changes, there is no point to these changes.

I don understand this hardon blizzard has for making changes for the sake of changes. 1 point submitted 2 days ago

I peaked masters playing Ana at the start of the season, and hover around 3200 right now, and my Ana win % dropped to 40%. custodia iphone 6 elegante There really nothing you can do on some support picks if your team won protect canadian goose jacket you buy canada goose jacket at all. It canada goose clearance sale not like I bad with her either, I average a 78% accuracy with her, and can really pop off with healing if I just left to heal. bottes ugg soldes

But then I go into comp and it “gg 40% ana” but I guess proceeding to throw the game uk canada goose helps that win% go back up to 50 :)

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So I sold my canada goose uk shop old BF sword and have about 51 exalts to work with for my next build (Already have a 6l voidforge). bottes ugg soldes Trying to figure out the best way to build it, and what scion acendacies canada goose coats to go (I was thinking elementalist and raider).

I have Canada Goose Jackets a 6l belly, though I was thinking loreweave for the 80% max resistance, flat phys, and ele damage, and then Canada Goose sale a abysus or daressos for helmet. ugg outlet france I think steel rings with wED will be the most expensive part of the build, as well as balancing resistances for a wise oak.

With elementalist, I could go triple herald or I can get a decent watcher eye, dunno what that would be though.

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