People who lived from plunder and had no fixed home were also

That’s not to say it has no basis in reality, with some notorious Real Life pirates wearing parts of the ensemble. Edward “Blackbeard” Teach, for instance, got his trope naming moniker from his Beard of Barbarism, and due to the primitiveness of medicine at the time it was common to see sailors with missing appendages (amputation being a comparatively safer solution to severe limb injuries than trying to let it heal in one piece). The eyepatch was also common, partly because actual eye injuries were not unheard of and partly because some sailors with healthy eyes would use the eyepatch to keep an eye dark adjusted for when they went below decks. People who lived from plunder and had no fixed home were also expected to carry their ill gotten wealth on themselves as jewellery and gold coins, or gold coins beaten into jewellery.

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