Truckers also use the term “Big Mama” to refer to their

Or he may not be cheating. Truckers also use the term “Big Mama” to refer to their dispatcher over the CB radio. Concerns about the weather in other parts of the country and the line “this life of living on the road” suggest over the road trucking. Otis’ response is to hand him a bottle of lubricant and go back to sleep. Take That!: Americans bear the brunt of it. The Otis family is named after one of the pre eminent American political dynasties of the period. She chose to go into the HCP instead of just training her healing abilities, because she knew that Vince’s boy scout attitude of rushing in if he might save someone else would get him killed and she wanted to be close enough to save him. The Chessmaster: Nick has been trained since childhood to be one. Most of his moves are calculated far in advance, and his behavior is carefully constructed to produce a certain image.

That often slipped too. On one occasion when they were being kidnapped and experimented upon by the establishment, they responded by actually kidnapping the Prime Minister. Once the situation was explained to the Prime Minister, the dear old chap was only too happy to help. However, there is no such scene in the movie. Creator Cameo: Richard Donner, the director, is one of the guys on the ATVs near the end of the film. “Well, I’ll be damned, it’s them goobers!”. Unless you have a friend who is simultaneously training Squirt Gags (very high accuracy), you’re gonna be gag camping for a looooong time. Bad Boss: Bossbots. You can even use their Pink Slips to fire Cogs. A Good Way to Die And I Must Scream: After death, everyone on this world is trapped in deathless torture in the Acheron Ax Crazy: Heracles’ ‘service with a smile’ Badass in a Nice Suit: The Suits, naturally Came Back Wrong: Lampshaded in “Hades” as being what happens when a mind is removed from the Acheron and rebodied Dead Partner: Orpheus Deal with the Devil: Several of the main characters make deals with Hades in Underworld Blues Driven to Suicide: Oedipus’ mother/wife Drowning His Sorrows: Ulysses in “Broken Horses” Emerging from the Shadows: Daedalus Ensemble Cast Eye Scream: Oedipus Family Business: Ariadne Family Honor: Film Noir Goal in Life: “Ulysses simply seeks to rest” their goal in life is to end their life. I Die Free: Ulysses’ final reward is to die somewhere the Ferrymen will never reach them, allowing them to escape the Acheron forever Professional Killer: Heracles Shot to the Heart: Ariadne Slashed Throat: Orpheus Stealth Pun: Ulysses fires a laser at a gemstone and the beam splits along twelve axes. This is an allusion to the scene in The Odyssey where Odysseus shoots an arrow through twelve axes (plural of “axe” rather than of “axis” as here).

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